There are millions of computers connected to the internet. Each and every one of them has an IP address. Well, technically anyone can find out anyone’s IP address. But what are the consequences of someone finding your IP address? should you be concerned? Let’s find out!

What is an IP address?

IP stands for “internet…

The Internet of things or better known as IoT is the concept of devices or, in this particular case, known as “Things.” These are interrelated and interconnected as a network in order to connect and exchange data within the network. So what exactly is the difference between “The Internet” and…

AI and Ethics

The very concept of artificial intelligence or AI was firstly recorded in the late 1800s. Even though those approaches were not so scientific, they could perfectly match the definition of artificial intelligence. Definition for artificial intelligence as the Oxford Dictionary states: "the theory and development of computer…

Dewyan Thilakasiri

Wandering the internet with a great interest in technology.

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